About Bar None

History of the BAR NONE [tm] Saddles

In the early 2000’s companies were scrambling to come up with new ideas in saddle design but most changes were aesthetic or at best small improvements on old ideas; little more than gimmicks to attract attention. Treeless saddles were being strongly promoted but many designs caused more problems than they solved. It was determined that the best approach was to start from scratch with new terms of reference and design a saddle that would fulfil all the real needs of the horse and rider for fit, comfort and function..

Creator of the BAR NONE

Bob McHugh has been making saddles professionally since the early 1980’s, building custom English, Australian and Western saddles. An industrial engineering background provided the objectivity required to think outside traditional values and ideas. His book “Saddle Fit for Success” was based on his research on saddle design and was used to conduct seminars internationally. Attending trade shows in the US and Europe were as much for gathering information as for promoting his saddle and tack designs.

The first Bar None prototypes were built in 2006 and tested for a year with selected riders to prove their effectiveness before beginning to promote them. Improvements have been ongoing over the years resulting in the present ultimate TRAIL SADDLE design.

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