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Saddle Options

The basic saddle has no horn but this can be added in two sizes; tall and short

Trail Saddles

Basic design concept - A generic version of the Bar None with all the standard features for pleasure trail riding.

Endurance Saddles

Specially designed custom fitting saddles for competitive riders. Slim line fenders, lots of dee rings for hanging items.

Therapeutic Saddles

Unique design that suits special-needs riders, with a hand hold strap that can be adjusted for both long and short arms. Extra set of short adjustable stirrups for juniors as well as regular adult length. Designed for a variety of horses backs.

Aussi Hybrid Saddles

Special order featuring Australian knee pads.

Hunting Saddles

Custom made rugged style for rough-country mountain riding trips and hunting. Features built-in saddle bags, breastplate, crupper and back cinch.