Endurance saddle

"Just came from my first lesson in my new saddle-OMG it is so perfect – can trot and canter without even one bounce – it fits my horse and me to a tee –thank you so much-great job…."

"Saddle fits perfect and very comfortable. Recommend it to other endurance riders."

Trail saddle

"My trainer said I have the best seat position she has seen for me…perfect balance and poise."

"You remember how my Arab was fighting my signals all the time? After only a month in my Bar None she is now completely calm and cooperative..."

Hunting saddle

"I have two saddles now for my hunting trips. These saddles are absolutely the right way to go for both myself and my Morgan cross horses."

Aussi Hybrid saddle

"Really like the saddle, it works way better than my Australian saddle for my thoroughbred."

Endurance saddle

"Hi: have used your saddle extensively so far this season and it is the most comfortable saddle I have ever owned – and I have owned many. Thank you so much."